Bet on the weather and win real prizes.
For real!


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Betting on the weather just got as easy as clicking some buttons on your iPhone.


Don't want to bet on a capital city? With our app, you can simply bet on the weather in your hometown.

Big prizes!

Land the big win and you can earn huge prizes with virtually no limit set. Guaranteed!

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Betting on sports or the lottery is for beginners. A new generation of online betting is here: WeatherBets!

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How does it work?

Bet on the weather, anywhere.

We accept bets everywhere around the world, 24/7.

Betting on the weather is easy peasy with our app. Simply select the location and the date you want to bet on as well as the category (we currently support temperature, humidity, wind speed and the weather state) and your actual bet. Also, specify how many coins you want to bet: Every user gets 50 coins for free when he signs up.

Our system calculates the amount of coins you can win based on a super-complex algorithm. It's all fair and automatic, guaranteed.

Waiting for the results...

Already feel the excitement?

So the date you've bet on finally arrived. Not so fast though: You need to wait one more day (until 1 AM local time the next day, to be exact) until your bet results will be confirmed. AS soon as this happens, you will receive a push notification to your device stating whether you've won or not. No hassle, all easy!

Of course, you can have as many bets running simultaneously as you want. Maximize your chances!

Getting some prizes!

Definitely the best part, right?

Congratulations! You've won a bet. That's great! Do this a few more times (if you don't have enough coins already) and you'll have enough coins to redeem a prize from our catalog. You decide: An Amazon gift card? A new gaming console? Or simply good old $$$ to your PayPal account? It's your choice.

To prevent fraud, every encashment of your coins will go through a manual verification process. No worries though: The process is super-fast and you will most likely get your prize within the next hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe?

Totally! We are a legal company from Germany. If you have any problems, simply shoot us a mail at We will get back to you as soon as possible!

What can I win?

There's no definite answer to this. From gift cards over real prizes like gaming consoles to pure $$$ to your PayPal account: You decide. We regularly add new prizes to our catalog, so keep one eye open for those!

How do I win?

Actually, this is super easy: You just need to place a bet on the weather (anywhere on the world, really) and be right. Based on how unlikely and how far in the future your bet was, you'll win a specific amount of coins you can later on redeem in the shop.

What happens if I lose all my coins?

No problem at all! If you've got no more coins left, we will simply offer you to watch a short video ad. After you've watched this, we will gift you with some free coins.

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Available exclusively for iOS.

* Works on iOS 10.0+.

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